Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bella's new top.

Truth be told I haven't made any clothing in a VERY long time...but this weekend on a trip to Fabricland I couldn't resist the great sale prices and stocked up on what would hopefully become some clothing for myself.

Upon seeing the fabric my daughter gushed "can you make me a top? Pleeeeeassse"
"Of course" was my reply.
and so...less than 24 hours later I had whipped this up, without a pattern, only a couple of my daughters measurements.

Apparently this look is in style now...see through fabric blouses. I had never worked with such finnicky material...I cursed SO much that day! It was slippery, thin, it seemed to unravel every time I touched it.

 But....She loves it!
 She wore it to school today and all her friends were asking her where she bought it because they loved it.
One girl even commented that she had seen the very same top in the exact same fabric at GARAGE and so it was impossible that I had made it....LOL...

I am quite proud of myself...and happy that my daughter is wearing something I made. She hasn't worn a homemade item of clothing since she was about 8 and stopped wearing dresses. And the best part...she wants to come with me to pick some more fabric to make more tops. YAY!

Perhaps I may even make something for myself...one of these days :)

If you could make any item of clothing and have one of each colour/pattern/texture in your closet, what would it be?
Mine would be blazer jackets! short and fitted to wear with everything. Or maybe skirts! YES! lots and lots of skirts in every colour, pattern  and length imaginable *giggle*

Thank you for reading! and I hope to blog again soon about my next project, so stay tuned!


  1. How fun!! That's so awesome! I love that you are in the mood to create again. ;) If I could make my own clothes, I would make skirts too!

  2. Your posts are taking me back a few years. My mom used to sew clothes for me . . . and I remember my friend wondering where they could get them also.
    Any item of clothing . . . for me it would have to be skirts.

  3. I'm not surprised that your daughter saw the fabric and wanted something made from it -- it's gorgeous! And you are fabulous for being able to whip up a top for her without a pattern...I'm envious!


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