Saturday, 15 September 2012

Where I create

Hello! Welcome to my little space! I thought I would start off by showing you where I spend my time creating. It is a spare room that also serves as a weight room...but you don't see those in the photo, and I try not to trip on anything when I go in there. :)
First off is my sewing table...with a sweet cover made by me.
 Next up we have my fabric/book shelf..this is only a small fraction of all the stuff I have, the rest of the stuff is in the basement. Also my multi-purpose table for cutting, painting, pressing, drawing, tracing etc...
 These little guys are both made by me. My daughter went through a short owl phase post Harry Potter, she no longer pays them any attention and I like having them around.
 A closer look at one of the shelves reveals a  doll toy I made recently, her name is Manuela and she is very chic...
 A shelf of books, embroidery, sewing, quilting, and fabric painting...
 Crafting, crochet (which I can't seem to figure out even with a beginners book ) and more sewing...
 A little bit of wall art...more to come...just have to hang them up!
 And the sweetest thing by far in my sewing room outside of our pup that keeps me company regularly is this wonderful painting made by my daughter for me when she was 10...I love it!
I hope you have enjoyed a little tour of my creative's a wonderful little getaway!

Have a most wonderful day! and Thank You for reading!

Laurie Anne


  1. Laurie Anne,

    Welcome back to blogland, I'm still hanging around here with all things nice... however I am now married and living in our new home. It's been a while since you blogged, I missed your posts.

    Glad your back, you need to get the follow tool bar on your blog

    All things nice...

    1. Thank you so much! I am so glad you remembered me! Congratulations on your wedding and your new home, I have been trying to catch up! You have been a busy, busy girl! I have missed you.
      Thank you I hadn't realized there was no follow option..I have added one. Looking forward to your future posts and hope you are well xo

  2. I LOVE those gingerbread folks you've got on the wall!!

  3. Manuela is adorable (I'm envious of your sewing skills!), and I *love* the painting your daughter made -- such a cheery scene to greet you while you work =).

    Thank you for posting a comment on my blog; I'm always happy to find new-to-me crafty blogs!!



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