Monday, 19 November 2012

Edible Fossils

Hello Friends! it's been crazy busy this last week, I feel like I have hardly set foot in my craft room, although I have popped in just to stare longingly at my stacks of books, fabrics and notions.

Years ago, I made these cookies for my nephew and it was a big hit, so recently I made another batch for another sweet boy in our lives.

 I used a sugar cookie recipe, any recipe you have will do, I  have even used a peanut butter cookie recipe and it worked perfectly! Just use smooth peanut butter for a better stamp effect.

For the stamp, I dipped into my kids old toys and pulled out any creepy crawly critters. If you don't have any appropriate toys to use, head to your local dollar store and pick up some creepy crawly buggy toys and get creative! DO NOT FORGET TO WASH YOUR TOYS BEFORE USING THEM! :)


Have a lovely day,
Keep Crafty!

Laurie Anne xx

Monday, 5 November 2012

What I'm up to...

 Hello and Happy Monday!
I trust you all had a wonderful weekend, filled with family, friends, good food, alot of laughter and of course some crafting!

This weekend I picked up a copy of 'Stitch' enjoy on the car ride to the cottage. We went up to drain the well and re-bait the mouse traps and visit with friends.

MAN! was it cold up north! But once we got the wood stove going and snuggled on the couch under a quilt it was all good :)

 This issue of Stitch is packed with great ideas! Quick last minute Christmas gifts or any time of year gifts really. It's a whopping $14.99 but it's worth it!

And here is a sneak peak at the current embroidery project I am working on....
It's a little Holiday Steampunk Bird...I love how it's turning out.

Are any of you involved in any "stitch and bitch" type groups? If so, how do they start? I have been interested in either joining one already in progress but I can't seem to find one.  I may have to start my own in my area. Do you have any tips? pointers?

Off to stitch!
Keep Crafty,
Laurie Anne xx

Friday, 2 November 2012

Marking the Male Brain

Good Friday Morning! I am sitting here in the spare room, sipping my homemade pumpkin chai coconut latte, and enjoying the teeny tiny peek of sun battling it's way through the clouds...we are expecting a flutter of flurries today here in my corner of'll be pretty if it does. has your week been? Any exciting plans for the weekend? or will you be just nesting like me?

This week I have been reading...

 The Male Brain by Louann Brizendine, MD
Who knew they could write an entire book about the mind of a man....sometimes I feel like I can sum them up in one sentance or less...and yet this book proved me wrong. So... in hopes of better understanding my husband I began to read this intelligent book.
And MAN!! Men are just as complicated as we are....!!
I highly recommend this book, if you are a wife or partner, or a mom to a boy, or even a's a great read. It is quite technical and delves into the mind of a man and how it works...or in our opinion 'doesn't work' :) There is also a womans version I may get for my husband to read...but he already knows how complicated we are so there is NO surprise :)

Is it just me? I have a nasty habit of returning library books with my bookmarks still in them. Which is great surprise for the new borrower but not for me who is always looking for a bookmark. I am ashamed to say but I have even used the adhesive cover strip from a panty liner in a pinch!! Am I the only one??

What is the strangest item you have used as a bookmark in a pinch?

 So...from time to time I make some quick fabric bookmarks out of scraps of fabric I like. They are never the same shape and size, they are not measured and never straight...unless I am making them to give.
These two are for my daughter and I but there is a bit of an assembly line of bookmarks on my sewing table right now. They multiply quite quickly!
I use two pieces of fabric of my choice and a layer of iron on stiff interfacing sandwiched inbetween however you may use just one layer of fabric and a lovely cardstock. Stitch and use! You can even punch a hole in the top end if you like and tie on a pretty ribbon or tassle or a string of beads...get creative!

Here is my finished piece for my sister in law, it's in the mail along with some other goodies for her late november birthday...

Our pup Moose always finds the craziest places to fall he is sleeping on my daughter who is reading on her tummy on the living room floor. So cute!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!
Keep Crafty!

Laurie Anne xx

Thursday, 1 November 2012

November first

Happy First day of November...

For me November brings some family birthday celebrations. the start of Christmas shopping and holiday get-togethers as well as coming up with some new and crafty little gift ideas...
What does November bring you?

Currently, I am working on some fabric bookmarks to send off with any book recipients on my list...
Also about to start a Steampunk inspired embroidery project...really excited about this one! I hope it turns out as cool as I envision it.
Photos coming soon!

What are you working on for your Christmas festivities?

Enjoy your day!
Keep Crafty...
Laurie Anne xx