Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bella's new top.

Truth be told I haven't made any clothing in a VERY long time...but this weekend on a trip to Fabricland I couldn't resist the great sale prices and stocked up on what would hopefully become some clothing for myself.

Upon seeing the fabric my daughter gushed "can you make me a top? Pleeeeeassse"
"Of course" was my reply.
and so...less than 24 hours later I had whipped this up, without a pattern, only a couple of my daughters measurements.

Apparently this look is in style now...see through fabric blouses. I had never worked with such finnicky material...I cursed SO much that day! It was slippery, thin, it seemed to unravel every time I touched it.

 But....She loves it!
 She wore it to school today and all her friends were asking her where she bought it because they loved it.
One girl even commented that she had seen the very same top in the exact same fabric at GARAGE and so it was impossible that I had made it....LOL...

I am quite proud of myself...and happy that my daughter is wearing something I made. She hasn't worn a homemade item of clothing since she was about 8 and stopped wearing dresses. And the best part...she wants to come with me to pick some more fabric to make more tops. YAY!

Perhaps I may even make something for myself...one of these days :)

If you could make any item of clothing and have one of each colour/pattern/texture in your closet, what would it be?
Mine would be blazer jackets! short and fitted to wear with everything. Or maybe skirts! YES! lots and lots of skirts in every colour, pattern  and length imaginable *giggle*

Thank you for reading! and I hope to blog again soon about my next project, so stay tuned!

Saturday, 22 September 2012


Today on the first day of Fall, I would like to share a few photos of  what our eyes have seen so far this weekend...

The pictures do the scenery no justice...but in my minds eye, it is all simply breathtakingly beautiful...

Happy Autumn my friends!

Thursday, 20 September 2012


This is what I am currently working on...Holly Hobbie...I remember what seems like 100 years ago having HH bed sheets, wall decor, and even a jewellery box...This finished piece will become part of a cushion with some sweet calico as a backing...

What are you currently working on?

Putting on a cup of tea and checking out some lovely new blogs I have discovered....Have a wonderful day!

Stuff I've made...

 Today I thought I would share some things I have made....a pair of birds for a pillow...
 Framed and given to my cyclist husband for Valentines day.
 An embroidery exchange...a pair of pillowcases.
 Pillows made from recycled rice bags.
 The other view of the pillow cases...
 My first attempt at a quilt.
 Hanging on my sewing room door.
 A gift for a friend.
 My first purse...I love the fabric and how it turned out.
 A pair of bunnies...for some really sweet little girls.
 Oh, la, la...
 A couch pillow for the cottage.
 A lake sign for the cottage
 The sign.
 Gift pillows for bird and squirrel lovers.
Thank you for looking! That was just a  little sampling of some projects...more to follow!

Hope you are having a wonderful day,
Be Well!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Where I create

Hello! Welcome to my little space! I thought I would start off by showing you where I spend my time creating. It is a spare room that also serves as a weight room...but you don't see those in the photo, and I try not to trip on anything when I go in there. :)
First off is my sewing table...with a sweet cover made by me.
 Next up we have my fabric/book shelf..this is only a small fraction of all the stuff I have, the rest of the stuff is in the basement. Also my multi-purpose table for cutting, painting, pressing, drawing, tracing etc...
 These little guys are both made by me. My daughter went through a short owl phase post Harry Potter, she no longer pays them any attention and I like having them around.
 A closer look at one of the shelves reveals a  doll toy I made recently, her name is Manuela and she is very chic...
 A shelf of books, embroidery, sewing, quilting, and fabric painting...
 Crafting, crochet (which I can't seem to figure out even with a beginners book ) and more sewing...
 A little bit of wall art...more to come...just have to hang them up!
 And the sweetest thing by far in my sewing room outside of our pup that keeps me company regularly is this wonderful painting made by my daughter for me when she was 10...I love it!
I hope you have enjoyed a little tour of my creative space...it's a wonderful little getaway!

Have a most wonderful day! and Thank You for reading!

Laurie Anne