Monday, 5 November 2012

What I'm up to...

 Hello and Happy Monday!
I trust you all had a wonderful weekend, filled with family, friends, good food, alot of laughter and of course some crafting!

This weekend I picked up a copy of 'Stitch' enjoy on the car ride to the cottage. We went up to drain the well and re-bait the mouse traps and visit with friends.

MAN! was it cold up north! But once we got the wood stove going and snuggled on the couch under a quilt it was all good :)

 This issue of Stitch is packed with great ideas! Quick last minute Christmas gifts or any time of year gifts really. It's a whopping $14.99 but it's worth it!

And here is a sneak peak at the current embroidery project I am working on....
It's a little Holiday Steampunk Bird...I love how it's turning out.

Are any of you involved in any "stitch and bitch" type groups? If so, how do they start? I have been interested in either joining one already in progress but I can't seem to find one.  I may have to start my own in my area. Do you have any tips? pointers?

Off to stitch!
Keep Crafty,
Laurie Anne xx


  1. I really like your Holiday Steampunk Bird!!

    I was a member of my local Embroiderers Guild Assn group up until this year (I pretty much had quit doing needlework, so it seemed silly to continue to be in a needlework group!). Our local EGA is a small group and still fairly new. If you don't have one locally, I do know it's a lot of work to get one up and going -- it's much more formal than a Stitch-n-Bitch group.

    To start a Stitch-n-Bitch group, I'd ask your local needlework and yarn shops if you can post a flyer. Maybe at your local bookstore, too, if you have one.


    1. Hi Glenda!

      Thank you very much for the tips! I am afraid I may have to start my own as there is very little in the form of organized groups in my area, heck, I don't even know if there would be any interest in one...
      I like the flyer idea :)

      Have a lovely day!
      Laurie Anne xx

  2. That is gorgeous Laurie Anne, I love it! Good luck finding or starting a stitch group, sometimes we have to be the ones to take the first step...but you are a gutsy gal, you can do it!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kym! still working on finding a stitching group, and you may be right, I may have to start one myself. Thanks for having the confidence in me xxoo

  3. This embroidery looks lovely, and must be a real pleasure to do too! I hope you find a stitching group to join soon, but if not then good luck starting your own.
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

    1. Thank You Helen! It looks like I will be starting my own stitching group...I can't find any in my area.
      Have a wonderful week and thank you oodles for stopping by!

      Laurie Anne xx


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